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Institute for the Global Practice of Law Plans Summer Program

The College of Law has launched an intensive four-week summer program targeted to non-U.S. lawyers interested in learning about the U.S. legal system. The summer venture was created under the auspices of the new Institute for the Global Practice of Law (IGPL).

The first program offering will begin this July with an intensive four-week program targeted to attorneys in China who do business or are interested in doing business in the U.S. Plans are in motion to bring Chinese practitioners to the tri-state from July 11-August 4, 2011 to learn about the U.S. legal system, as well as strategies on marketing and firm management.

“The initial idea behind the program was to cultivate relationships between the College of Law and comparable academic institutions in China and elsewhere,” said Walter Spiegel, General Counsel of Standard Textile and member of the IGPL Advisory Board. “As we explored this idea, we began to understand that there is a market for a practitioner-oriented program that combines academic instruction with a practical introduction to practicing law in a global business environment. We hope to provide participants with an increased ability to represent business clients who operate on a global basis.”

The program is designed so that participants will be immersed in the legal system through in-class work, class discussions, homework, and interactions with the legal community. They will learn how to better represent their U.S. clients, how to partner with U.S. lawyers in the representation of clients, and how to negotiate or litigate opposite U.S. parties. There will also be opportunity to forge and strengthen professional ties with numerous law firms and companies in the tri-state, as Cincinnati is home to a significant number of companies with multi-national operations.

“We are excited about the educational and networking opportunities that the IGPL will afford its participants. In addition, we are also excited about how the IGPL will raise the international profile of both the College of Law and the city of Cincinnati. The planning for this summer’s session has already brought together key practitioners of international business transactions in the city’s major law firms and multinational companies. Once this summer arrives, we believe that local practitioners and international participants will cultivate long-term professional connections,” commented Felix Chang, Counsel, Fifth Third Bank.

For more information about the the Institute for the Global Practice of Law, visit the web page.