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Politics Has Played a Big Role in Caitlin Graham's '14 Life

 While she might not be pursuing a career in the field, politics has played a large role in Caitlin Graham’s adult life: a summer internship in college, multiple post-graduate positions locally and in Washington, D.C., and she is currently the Law Republicans president at the College of Law.

Graham, a 2L from the Kenwood-area in Cincinnati, had her first exposure to politics while attending Ohio University. The summer prior to her sophomore year, Graham interned with Congresswoman Jean Schmidt, working closely with Schmidt’s communications director in Cincinnati.

After earning her degree in journalism in 2009, Graham began working for Senator George Voinovich’s Cincinnati office – though Graham knew she wanted to pursue a law degree at some point.

“Senator Voinovich was retiring the following year, so, as people moved around in that office, I had the opportunity to move up through the ranks,” Graham said.

After working as staff assistant/assistant to the state director in the Cincinnati office from Sept. 2009 to Feb. 2010, Graham moved to Washington D.C., in early 2010 to become a staff assistant in Senator Voinovich’s  office there.  In this position, Graham took on various administrative tasks, while also researching a variety of issues, which included developing briefs on the Supreme Court nomination of Elena Kagan.

After holding this position for several months, Graham became a legislative correspondent in the fall of 2010.

“As a legislative correspondent, you interact a lot with constituents, you meet with people. You’re doing, basically, the legislative agenda for the Senator,” Graham said. “Towards the end of the year, since he was retiring, everybody in the office was looking for a job, so we campaigned pretty hard for all the Republicans in Ohio.”

Graham, knowing she wanted to attend law school the next year and ultimately wanting to practice in her hometown, moved back to Cincinnati. She spent the first several months of 2011 as a press assistant for Congressman Steve Chabot in Cincinnati. Then, in August, she began classes at the College of Law.

“I really wanted to be a lawyer as long as I can remember, (but) the reasons have changed over the years,” Graham said. “It was a big goal of mine. I knew it was something I wanted to do down the road and I like to say I took the scenic route to eventually get here. “

Like many native Cincinnatians, Graham noted, she got out of town for a little while but was drawn back to her hometown. With a goal of practicing in Cincinnati, attending the College of Law seemed like the obvious choice.

Following her first year of law school, Graham spent this summer at Taft Stettinius & Hollister, where she “really fell in love with litigation.”

At school, Graham is a judge on Student Court, a member of the Honor Council, and a legal research assistant for associate professor Sandra Sperino – in addition to her aforementioned Law Republicans role.

Outside of school, Graham enjoys reading and exploring various activities in town. “I love Cincinnati and, having been in D.C. and exposed to the different museums and activities that D.C. has to offer, I realized when I moved back, the City of Cincinnati has a lot of those same things,” Graham said. “So every time the Cincinnati Museum Center has an exhibit I go see it. I love to go to the art museum (and) I have season tickets to Broadway Across America at the Aronoff Center.

Graham is also training for a half marathon for one of her friend’s upcoming wedding.

By Jordan Cohen ‘13