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2011 Stanley M. Chesley Distinguished Visiting Professor featuring Lynn A. Stout

2011 Stanley M. Chesley Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law
Lynn A. Stout
Paul Hastings Professor of Corporate and Securities Law at the University of California,
Los Angeles School of Law
Cultivating Conscience: How Good Laws Make Good People

March 1, 2011
12:15 – 1:15 p.m.
College of Law, Room 114

One (1) hour of general CLE has been applied for in Ohio and Kentucky.
Approval is expected. For questions, call the CLE Administrator at 513-556-0063.

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About the Lecture

Economic theory has had an enormous influence on legal thinking and the creation of legislation. Economic theory, however, traditionally assumes people are always rational and always selfish. In recent years, a new school of social science has emerged to challenge these assumptions. “Behavioral economics” investigates how real people behave in real situations. Behavioral economists have demonstrated under laboratory conditions that people in fact often act irrationally and also often act unselfishly.

In her talk, Professor Stout will discuss these ideas and analyze the best ways to get people to behave appropriately. Drawing from concepts discussed in her new book, Cultivating Conscience: How Good Laws Make Good People, she will argue that by focusing on bad behavior, we neglect the crucial role our consciences play in shaping human behavior. Including ideas from the disciplines of social psychology, behavioral economics, and evolutionary biology, Professor Stout will discuss how the legal system can use social cues that promote conscientious behavior to craft better laws and provide encouragement to more unselfish, ethical behavior in many areas, including politics and business.

About the Stanley M. Chesley Visiting Professor of Law
The Stanley M. Chesley Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law was endowed by Mr. Chesley in 2006 to bring outstanding legal scholars of national and international prominence in all areas of law to the College as visiting professors. Mr. Chesley, a 1960 graduate of UC Law, is the president of Waite, Schneider, Bayless & Chesley. He is a long time supporter of the law school and the University and currently serves on the University’s Board of Trustees.