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2005 Harold C. Schott Scholarship Award

2005 Harold C. Schott Scholarship Award

Prof. Paul CaronI am pleased to announce the fourth round of Faculty Scholarship Awards from the Harold C. Schott Foundation. Members of the College of Law faculty have increased the range, depth, and quality of their scholarship while truly distinguishing themselves as a community of teachers and scholars. The College of Law academic program is enriched because of the efforts of the faculty as they extend their knowledge, engage colleagues in scholarly conversation, and contribute to the intellectual life of legal education, the legal profession, and the greater communities in which we live. The reputation of the College of Law is largely made because of its faculty and over the years we are witness to the growing respect and esteem in which they are held.

The Schott Fund has been used again this year to enhance the summer stipend awards for faculty demonstrating significant scholarly achievement. In addition to enhanced summer stipend awards, the fund made possible special recognition in the form of the annual Harold C. Schott Scholarship Award and two Harold C. Schott Publication Prizes. Please join me in congratulating Professors Paul Caron, Rafael Gely, and Ronna Greff Schneider.

Paul L. Caron, Charles Hartsock Professor of Law and Director of Faculty Projects. Professor Caron is one of the leading national tax scholars of his generation and a prolific writer and editor. Since joining the UC faculty in 1990, he has written numerous books and law review articles and is active in a variety of scholarly projects.

During the 2004-05 academic year, Professor Caron published two articles, part of a book chapter, and also served as series editor for a book. His articles are: Affirmative Refraction: Grutter v. Bollinger Through the Lens of The Case of the Speluncean Explorers, 21 Constitutional Commentary 63 (2004)(with Rafael Gely) and Taking Back the Law School Classroom: Using Technology to Foster Active Student Learning, 54 J. Legal Educ.551 (2004) (with Rafael Gely). He contributed to the book chapter, Federal Income Tax, in Teaching the Law School Curriculum (Carolina Academic Press, 2004) (Steven Friedland & Gerald F. Hess, Editors). He served as Series Editor for Civil Procedure Stories (Kevin M. Clermont, Editor) (Foundation Press, 2004).

Professor Caron is the author/editor of a number of major books. He is the editor of and published a chapter in Tax Stories: An In-Depth Look at Ten Leading Federal Income Tax Cases (Foundation Press, 2003). He also authored Federal Wealth Transfer Taxation (with Paul R. McDaniel & James R. Repetti): Cases and Materials (Foundation Press, 5th ed. 2003); Study Problems (Foundation Press, 2d ed. 2003); and Teacher's Manual (Foundation Press, 2003); Federal Wealth Transfer Tax Anthology (Anderson, 1998) (with Karen C. Burke & Grayson M.P. McCouch); and Federal Income Tax Anthology (Anderson, 1997) (with Karen C. Burke & Grayson M.P. McCouch).

As Series Editor for two series of law books, Professor Caron helped develop new titles for each series. His Law Stories Series, published by Foundation Press, tracks virtually every area of the law school curriculum, for a total of 21 published or forthcoming books. The LexisNexis Graduate Tax Series, which is designed for use in the 28 law school tax LL.M. programs, includes the following books: Bankruptcy Taxation (Frances R. Hill & William H. Lyons); Civil Tax Procedure (David M. Richardson, Jerome Borison & Steve R. Johnson); Employee Benefits Law (Kathryn Kennedy & Paul Schultz); Federal Tax Accounting (Michael B. Lang, Elliot Manning & Steven J. Willis); Federal Taxation of Property Transactions (Elliot Manning & David Cameron); Partnership Taxation (Paul Carman, Charles Fassler, Richard Lipton & Walter D. Schwidetzky); Tax Practice Ethics (Linda Galler & Michael Lang); and U.S. International Taxation (Philip F. Postlewaite, Samuel A. Donalson & Allison D. Christians)

Professor Caron is co-editor of three electronic journals of Tax Law Abstracts published by the Legal Scholarship Network, which is part of the Social Science Research Network: Tax Law & Policy, Practitioner Series (with Joseph Bankman), and International & Comparative Tax (with Robert Green). He is the owner and moderator of TaxProf, the AALS-sponsored email discussion group of over 250 tax law professors, and publisher and editor of TaxProf Blog. TaxProf Blog was launched on April 15, 2004 and provides permanent resources and links and daily news and information for tax professors. Because of its favorable reception, as Publisher and Editor-inChief, Professor Caron started blogs in additional areas of the law school curriculum, including: antitrust; Chinese law; contracts; criminal law; health law; labor law; law library; law school academic support; media law; sentencing law & policy; technical law; white collar crime; and wills, trusts & estates.

Other noteworthy articles authored by Professor Caron include: The Next Generation of Law School Rankings, 81 Indiana L.J. _ (2005) (symposium)(with Rafael Gely); The Role of SSRN in Measuring Scholarly Impact, 81 Indiana L.J. _ (2005)(symposium)(with Bernard S. Black); What Law Schools Can Learn From Billy Beane and the Oakland Athletics, 82 Texas L. Rev. 1483 (2004)(with Rafael Gely); Back to the Future: Teaching Law Through Stories, 71 Univ. Cincinnati L. Rev. 405 (2002) (symposium); The Federal Tax Implications of Bush v. Gore, 79 Washington Univ. L.Q. 749 (2001); The Associate Dean for Research Position: Encouraging and Promoting Scholarship, 33 Univ. Toledo L. Rev. 233 (2001) (with Joseph P. Tomain) (symposium); Tax Myopia Meets Tax Hyperopia: The Unproven Case of Increased Judicial Deference to Revenue Rulings, 57 Ohio State L.J. 637 (1996); Taxing Opportunity, 14 Virginia Tax Rev. 347 (1994); Tax Myopia, Or Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Tax Lawyers, 13 Virginia Tax Rev. 517 (1994); The Federal Courts of Appeals' Use of State Court Decisions in Tax Cases: "Proper Regard" Means "No Regard," 46 Oklahoma L. Rev. 443 (1993); The Role of State Court Decisions in Federal Tax Litigation: Bosch, Erie, & Beyond, 71 Oregon L. Rev. 781 (1992).

Professor Caron has served as a visiting professor at the University of Florida College of Law, Florida State University College of Law, the University of San Diego School of Law, and the New York University/Office of Chief Counsel Continuing Professional Education Program. He served as the inaugural Associate Dean for Faculty Research (1999-2001) and is now Director of Faculty Projects at the College of Law.

Professor Caron's distinguished publication history demonstrates that he is an outstanding scholar of national significance. The College of Law is deeply proud of his accomplishments.