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2000 Goldman Prize for Excellence in Teaching

The Goldman Prize is awarded to recognize excellence in teaching. The Goldman Prize Committee considers research and public service as they contribute to superior performance in the classroom. Students nominate professors who distinguish themselves in these categories. This year the Goldman Committee is pleased to announce the selection of Professors Lonny Hoffman, Betsy Malloy, and Michael Van Alstine as this year's recipients of the Goldman Prize for Excellence in Teaching. The Committee recognizes and applauds each of these professors for their outstanding work.


Professor Lonny Hoffman embodies all the qualities of a great educator. Not only does he have an astounding command of his subject area; he honestly takes pride and pleasure in sharing that knowledge with his students. Professor Hoffman's energetic approach and "real world" attitude to teaching bring a freshness to the classroom which inspires his students to give one hundred percent of their efforts to live up to his high standards. His compassion and understanding regarding the day-to-day life of his students make him more than just another professor — they make him a valued mentor and friend.

Professor Betsy Malloy is an excellent instructor who is successful both at conveying the substantive material and in involving the students to arrive at the correct analysis. Her enthusiasm for teaching and her exceptional command of the subject matter inspire her students to prepare and become engaged in the classroom experience. There is an open atmosphere of debate in all her classes, where she stresses that each and every opinion is to be valued and respected. This enables the students to learn from one another. The classroom demeanor of Professor Malloy truly models the professionalism that all students hope to use in their practice. Students consider her more than their instructor — she is their mentor and role model.

Professor Michael Van Alstine is hailed for his enthusiasm, candid approach, self-directed humor, and respect for students. He has the unique ability to make the classroom a non-threatening environment where students can test their own ideas and interpretations of the law without fear. he encourages his students to think through the law rather than regurgitating a code, regulation, or case. His command of the subject matter is extraordinary, yet he is able to present it in such a way that is comprehensible to all. Professor Van Alstine demonstrates a sincere interest in students. From the way he conducts classes, to his availability and responsiveness outside of the classroom, students know that he is genuinely concerned with their comprehension of the material and their success in law school.

We congratulate Professors Lonny Hoffman, Betsy Malloy, and Michael Van Alstine and we look forward to their continued contributions to the College of Law.