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1993 Goldman Prize for Excellence in Teaching

The Goldman Prize is awarded to recognize excellence in teaching. The Goldman Prize Committee considers research and public service as they contribute to superior performance in the classroom. Students nominate professors who distinguish themselves in these categories.

This year the Goldman Committee is pleased to announce the selection of Thomas D. Eisele, Christo Lassiter, and John J. Murphy as this year's recipients of the Goldman Prize for Excellence in Teaching. The Committee recognizes and applauds each of these professors for their outstanding work.

Professor Eisele has demonstrated the ability to successfully motivate the students in his classes. He manages to bring the study of law together with the practice of law in such a way that students learn not only the rules of law, but how to apply them to everyday problems in the outside world. His method of teaching requires students to carefully dissect cases to extract not only the rule of a case, but also the reasoning and policy bases behind that rule. Professor Eisele has established a reputation as one of the hardest working professors in the law school and as a genuinely caring teacher — one who is concerned about the academic development of his students as well as their growth as aspiring attorneys.

Professor Lassiter has consistently displayed comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter of his classes as well as a compelling and insightful method of imparting it to students. His sometimes provocative classroom approach helps recreate a legal arena in which students are called upon to defend their point of view, mustering legal analysis in order to prevail. Professor Lassiter's outside endeavors have attracted nationwide publicity and enrich his classroom instruction. Professor Lassiter's diligence and commitment to community service serve as a model for aspiring attorneys. Despite his prodigious workload, Professor Lassiter's door is always open to students. He is willing to impart his knowledge of the law as well as his insights into life in general.

Professor Murphy is an outstanding example of a quality professor. His teaching style and manner are ones that students will remember long after their days at the College of Law are over. Professor Murphy is successful in the classroom because of his technique — the "method to his madness." He uses entertaining hypotheticals to get points across to his students and he corrects mistaken conclusions without embarrassing students. Professor Murphy does more than just teach law. He also teaches students how the law will affect them and their clients in the "real world" outside the law school walls. Finally, Professor Murphy speaks to students in a language they can understand and succeeds at making legal study as clear as possible.

We congratulate Professors Thomas D. Eisele, Christo Lassiter, and John J. Murphy and look forward to their continuing achievements.