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1986 Goldman Prize for Excellence in Teaching

The 1986 Goldman Prize Committee is pleased to announce that the recipients of this year's Goldman Prize are Professor Alphonse M. Squillante and Associate Professor Linda J. Peltier.

Professor Alphonse M. Squillante is recognized for his many years of dedication to the teaching profession and to his students. Outside of class, he goes out of his way to help students with academic problems as well as career and personal concerns. It is not uncommon for him to write letters of recommendation and then follow-up with personal phone calls. In class, he is able to translate his excellent command of the subject matter in a unique and comprehensible manner. His great confidence in his students helps them recognize their own potential. In the words of one student, "His great expectations helped me to achieve higher goals than I thought possible." This alone is proof of his excelence in teaching.

Associate Professor Linda J. Peltier also has a excellent understanding of the subject matter of her courses which is especially evidenced by her superlative command of the Uniform Commercial Code and its "real world" applications. In class, Sunny, as she prefers to be called, imparts the Code with clarity and precision to students who are sometimes overwhelmed with its intricacies. She is respectful to students and responsive to their questions. Outside class, Sunny is always willing to help students with school, career, or personal matters. She is ever enthusiastic and cheerful, and so contributes to a sense of community in our school. In short, Sunny exemplifies excellence in teaching.