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Moot Court Program

Moot Court is the student-run appellate advocacy honors society of the University of Cincinnati College of Law. To join the Moot Court Board, students must compete in the LexisNexis Moot Court Competition during the fall semester of their 2L year. During the Anderson Competition, students research and prepare an appellate brief, and argue their position before members of the local legal community who act as appellate court judges. A passing grade on the brief and oral advocacy competition gives students one non-classroom credit hour and fulfills their writing requirement. The top performers receive an invitation to join the Moot Court Board for the remainder of their law school career.

As members of the UC Law Moot Court Board, students are eligible for two non-classroom credit hours for each of their remaining semesters. To receive credit, students must: participate in competitions hosted by other law schools; host the August A. Rendigs, Jr. National Product Liability Moot Court Competition; and hold the intramural competition during their 3L year.

Student Leaders
  • Executive Director: Rachel Hensley
  • Financial Director: Eric Munas
  • Co-Intramural Director: Meagan Leach, Scott Augsback
  • Co-Rendigs Coordinators: Craig Belliston, John Markus
  • Rendigs Problem Writer: Anthony McNamara
  • Competitions Director: Emily Gallagher
  • Judges Coordinators: Sam Ginocchio, Chris Brzozowski, Adam Clark, Amanda Narog
  • Top Brief Score: Robert Waddle
  • Top Oral Argument Score: Austin LiPuma
  • Top Overall Score: Austin LiPuma
  • Moot Court Honor Board: 2Ls: Logan Bednarczuk, Theresa Brenner, Brandon Brown, Tyler Herrmann, Kellie Ann Kulka, Austin LiPuma, Olivia Luehrmann, Simran Magowan, Shaun McPherron, Rachel Pyles, Samantha Rheingold, Derek Tucker, Dominic Velloze, Robert Waddle, Kaitlin Wilkin; 3Ls: Tenechia Lockhart, Brian Higgins, Alycia Walker
  • Faculty Advisor: Prof. Rachel Smith