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Hours of Operation & Other
  General Information
Circulation Desk513-556-0163Library Suggestion Box
AcquisitionsLisa Wernke513-556-0156 
Archives & PreservationRhonda Wiseman513-556- 0165 
CirculationSusan Boland513-556-3016 
Collections & ResourcesLisa Wernke513-556- 0156 
Computer Support   Michael Tadele513-556- 1332Request Computer Help
Information TechnologyJohn Hopkins513-556-0153 
InterLibrary LoanLisa Wernke513-556- 0156 
Library Services for Patrons
  with Disabilities
Ron Jones513- 556-0158 
Media SupportMichael Mimms513-556-0161Request Media/AV Services
Public & Research ServicesSusan Boland513-556- 4407 
Reserves Lisa Wernke513-556- 0156 

Staff Directory

Boland, Susan Associate Director for Public
and Research Services
315 (office)
Hart, JimReference Librarian513-556-0160
310D (office)
Hirsh, Kenneth J. Director of the Law Library,
Professor of Practice
314B (office)
Hopkins, JohnAssociate Director for
Information Technology
314A (office)
Jones, RonElectronic Resources Instructional
Services Librarian
314C (office)
Kemen, ShannonReference Librarian513-556-6407
310F (office)
Mimms, MichaelA/V and Multimedia Support513-556-0161
210C (office)
Sadeghi Pari, Akram

Bibliographic Services and
Special Collections Librarian

310B (office)
Tadele, Michael

Computer Repairs & Support

316A (office)
Wernke, LisaCollections and Access Librarian513-556-0156
310A (office)
Wiseman, RhondaTechnical Services Library Specialist513-556-0165
310E (office)