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  General Information
Circulation Desk513-556-0163Library Suggestion Box
AcquisitionsLisa Wernke513-556-0156 
Archives & PreservationRhonda Wiseman513-556- 0165 
CirculationSusan Boland513-556-3016 
Collections & ResourcesLisa Wernke513-556- 0156 
Computer Support   Michael Tadele513-556- 1332Request Computer Help
InterLibrary LoanLisa Wernke513-556- 0156 
Library Services for Patrons
  with Disabilities
Ron Jones513- 556-0158 
Media SupportMichael Mimms513-556-0161Request Media/AV Services
Public & Research ServicesSusan Boland513-556- 4407 
Reserves Lisa Wernke513-556- 0156 

Staff Directory

Boland, Susan Associate Director for Public
and Research Services
315 (office)
Hart, JimReference Librarian513-556-0160
310D (office)
Hirsh, Kenneth J. Director of the Law Library,
Professor of Practice
314B (office)
Jones, RonElectronic Resources Instructional
Services Librarian
314C (office)
Kemen, ShannonReference Librarian513-556-6407
310F (office)
Mimms, MichaelA/V and Multimedia Support513-556-0161
210C (office)
Sadeghi Pari, Akram

Bibliographic Services and
Special Collections Librarian

310B (office)