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Collection Policies for Archives, Rare Books and Manuscripts Collections

Purpose of Archives

The Archives serves as a repository for items related to the history of the University of Cincinnati College of Law and Law Library. The Archives shall collect materials suitable for use by those researching the histories of these institutions. The Archives shall also be a repository for the papers of prominent alumni and other selected members of the Cincinnati legal community.

The Rare Books Collection contains rare and scholarly works on law and other materials which, because of their rarity, age, condition, format, or uniqueness, do not circulate.

The Archives shall make reasonable efforts to ensure that the original documents are preserved and protected. If preservation of the original is impossible or impractical, other methods (such as photocopying or microfilming) shall be used to preserve the original information.

The Director of the Library in consultation with the Head of Preservation and Archives shall be responsible for determining the content of the collection.

Criteria for Acquisitions

Suitability: Priority shall be given to items relating to the histories of the College of Law and/or the Law Library as well as manuscript collections of prominent alumni and other selected members of the Cincinnati legal community. Rare or fragile items which fail to meet the criteria of suitability may, at the discretion of the Director, be temporarily housed with the archival materials pending the final disposition of such items.

Physical Condition: Acceptance of badly deteriorated items which are otherwise suitable shall be contingent on the availability of funds for restoration. Donors shall be actively encouraged to provide financial assistance for the restoration and preservation of these items.

Duplication: Items which duplicate materials already accessible to researchers in this or other collections shall be acquired and preserved only at the discretion of the Director.

Items on Permanent Loan: The Archives will not accept items on permanent loan because of the administrative complications involved in caring for collections whose title is held elsewhere.