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The University of Cincinnati Law Review

The University of Cincinnati Law Review is a quarterly publication produced by second and third-year law students. Visit the review's website for more information, as well as current and past issues. The Review, along with its counterparts at all other accredited law schools, makes a significant contribution to scholarly legal literature. In addition, the Review represents the College of Law to the outside community. Each year, approximately 30 students are invited to join the Law Review as Associate Members. All Associate Members are chosen on the basis of first year grade point average combined with a writing competition score. The competition begins immediately after completion of first year studies.

Law Review 2015-2016
Law Review 2015-2016

Each Review Associate Member is expected to write twice during the second year. Associate Members write casenotes or comments. A casenote discusses a recent court decision by putting the holding of the case in broader legal perspective. A comment analyzes a recent trend in a specific area of law as reflected in recent cases. At the end of the second year, Associate Members are given the option to write an editorial note during their third year, as a Contributing Member.

Eighteen second-year members are chosen to serve as editors of the Review during their third year of law school. Review editors approve writing topics, edit student casenotes and comments, select law articles by eminent scholars, and perform all tasks related to editing, printing and publishing the journal. Student writers and editors receive credits that apply towards College graduation requirements. Associate Members who complete all requirements receive two credit hours for each semester. Third-year editors may receive two or three credit hours per semester, depending upon their position. Third-year Contributing Members receive one credit hour per semester.

Review participation provides a widely recognized opportunity that cannot be found in any other writing program offered by the College. Participation on the Review requires a fairly intensive commitment of time and energy; however, the rewards are substantial.

Volume 83: 2015-2016 Editorial Board


Andrea Brown

Executive Editor

Brendan Chisholm

Managing Editor

Mickey Sutton

Notes and Comments Chair

Catie Carney

Blog Chair

Max Moreland

Publications Editor

Becca Brizzolara

Articles Editors

Emily Hurtt, Brooke Logsdon, Stephen Otte, Eden Thompson, Jerad Whitt

Citations Editors

Brock Caley, Nick Kitko, Katie Lucas

Notes and Comments Editors

Alex Beck, John Elleman, Connie Kremer, Brice Smallwood

Blog Editors

Gabriel Fletcher, Stephanie Scott

Business Manager/Outreach Director

Andrea Flaute

Contributing Member

Brynn Stylinski

Associate Members

  • Jordan Bacon
  • Alexander Beck
  • Rebecca Brizzolara
  • Andrea Brown
  • Brock Caley
  • Catherine Carney
  • Brendan Chisholm
  • John Elleman
  • Andrea Flaute
  • Gabriel Fletcher
  • Jarod Garel
  • Emily Hurtt
  • Nicholas Kitko
  • Connie Kremer
  • Kathryn Lucas
  • Maxel Moreland
  • Sarah Nelson
  • Brett Niehauser
  • Stephen Otte
  • Stephanie Scott
  • Brice Smallwood
  • Michael Sutton
  • Brooke Teaford
  • Eden Thompson
  • Jerad Whitt

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Mailing Address:
University of Cincinnati Law Review
University of Cincinnati College of Law
Room 300, Taft Hall
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0040

Phone Numbers:
Law Review Board Office

Fax: 513-556-2992
Please address all correspondence by fax to the attention of Law Review

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