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The Weaver Institute also offers workshops and lectures in collaboration with other university centers and divisions, such as the College of Law’s Center for Practice and the UC College of Medicine.

December 2011 —The Psyche at Work: Help for Lawyers’ Worries About Employee Mental Disorders, Trauma, and Violence

This one day CLE workshop focuses on what lawyers can learn from psychiatrists regarding mental health issues in the workplace. Participants will learn how psychiatrists recognize, assess, and treat employee mental disorders, efficient ways to achieve “reasonable accommodations”, strategies for addressing psychological trauma and injury, and essential information for preventing workplace violence. Mental health professionals will provide clinical perspectives on how recent legislative changes in the ADA affect interactions with employers and counsel. The program will examine ethical issues that arise with awareness of mental health issues, as well as tensions between privacy and confidentiality interests and workplace violence concerns. Participants also learn how a psychiatrist sees signs of substance abuse in the work place and its potential impact on workplace safety. (Read more)

December 2009— Client Troubles? It's Time for Psychiatric Advice

Lawyers can learn much from psychiatrists about working with clients who seem unable or unwilling to listen to reason. While not every “difficult client” would be diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder, narcissistic and borderline personality disorders are detectable even among high functioning clients. Other clients may function with “on-the-edge” world views affecting perception, reasoning, and decision making. In this interactive program, working with an actor as client and attorney-faculty as demonstrators, participants will be introduced to the theory, principles and practice of psychiatric counseling and effective non-advice giving. (Read more)
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