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Craig Belliston

Craig Belliston earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science with a Minor in Psychology from Brigham Young University.  Growing up, Craig experienced first-hand the difficulties associated with identifying, treating, and coping with mental illness within his own family. His family became involved with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) to support his older sister, and to improve their own personal awareness regarding mental health issues. As a result, Craig is passionate about mental health issues, and he is eager to learn more about how they impact our legal system.

In addition to the Weaver Institute, Craig is working with the Ohio Innocence Project this year. He hopes that the Weaver Institute will provide him with a new perspective while giving him a better understanding of how legal and psychiatric issues intertwine, particularly in our criminal justice system. Most of all, Craig is excited to be a Weaver Fellow in order to better understand his future clients while becoming a better lawyer.