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Glenn M. Weaver Institute of Law and Psychiatry Fellowships

Each Spring, the Weaver Institute offers fellowships to law students who will be starting their second year of study at the College of Law. The Institute awards these fellowships on the basis of academic merit, school performance, and a demonstrated interest in mental health law. First year students interested in a fellowship should visit the fellowship application page. Fellowships carry an annual stipend, currently $6,000.

Through formal course work, special seminars with mental health professionals, guest lectures, meetings, and community activities, Weaver Fellows learn about the identification, medical treatment, and prevention of mental illness along with the many ways in which mental conditions take on significance in the legal system.

Weaver Fellows are required to take 3 courses which are 3 credit hours each. Mental Health Law I & II must be taken consecutively during the first and second semesters of the fellows 2L year. Introduction to Law & Psychiatry can be taken fall semester of the 2L or 3L year.

There is also a community involvement portion of the Weaver Fellowship which is structured as an independent research project and requires approximately half a day a week. This will be 2-3 credit hours depending on how long of a paper each fellow wants to submit. Each fellow ends up having 2 semesters of community involvement. Students begin the community involvement portion Spring Semester of their 2L year, and continue this their 3L year, with a new placement. 

Courses for Weaver Fellows


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