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Projects & Additional Opportunities

The Urban Morgan Institute encourages students to pursue projects and initiatives that are of interest to them. Over the years, students have engaged in a wide range of activities, including Amnesty International letter writing campaigns, brown bag lunches about human rights issues in the news, independent research projects, educational seminars hosted by various organizations, human rights education for inner city high schools, and partnerships with the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center to continually update its exhibit on contemporary forms of slavery. Each year as current events and student interests change, the Urban Morgan Institute is eager to support new ideas for projects and programs throughout the year.

Educational Seminars

The Institute underwrites the participation of Fellows in important human rights meetings and conferences.

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

The Urgan Morgan Institute has had a long involvement with the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. As part of the original exhibits, the Institute provided the substance for the major exhibit on "Unfreedom," that focused upon contemporary human rights issues. Additionally, the Institute has assisted in the development of educational materials for the secondary schools, as well as assisted on Freedom Center projects focusing on contemporary forms of slavery.

Independent Research Projects

Students throughout the years have taken the opportunity to engage in individual research projects for course credit under the direction of Professor Lockwood.