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Semester Long Externships

The J.D./M.A. program offers students the opportunity to participate in a semester-long externship (12 credits), working on issues of gender and the law at public interest organizations throughout the nation.  This aspect of the program enables students to work with experienced advocates, apply the theory and doctrine acquired in their studies to the latest legal issues, and analyze their practical experiences in a unique academic format.

Externship Requirements:

  • Take a two-credit practical lawyering course;
  • Spend ten weeks of a semester working on issues concerning gender and the law at a public interest organization;
  • Write a seminar paper under the supervision of a faculty advisor; and
  • Present experiences and research in the form of a conference paper

The J.D./M.A. program seeks to pair students with organizations that match each individual’s interests.  Students have completed externships at leading national organizations, including:

  • National Women’s Law Center (Washington, DC)
  • The Women’s Law Project (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • Legal Momentum (New York, NY and Washington, DC)
  • Equality Now (New York, NY)