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Additional Opportunities

Independent Research Projects

Because UC Law is a small law school, professors are able to supervise student’s individual research projects. These projects involve a wide range of formats, depending on student interest, but often involve video-taping lawyers and clients in negotiation, client counseling or mediation, and creating negotiation or mediation simulations based upon practitioner interviews and real cases.

Practice Views

The Center for Practice periodically provides the opportunity for students to understand what lawyers REALLY do in different areas of law practice through simulated case presentations.

Fall 2009

Elizabeth Loring ’03, an attorney at Freking and Betz – a premier Cincinnati employment firm.

Fall 2008

Local Government Law Practice View

Employment Litigation Law Practice View

Elizabeth S. Loring ‘03 and Jon Allison ‘01, both lawyers at Freking and Betz let us see how they prepare a client for deposition and represent that client in deposition in an employment discrimination case.

International Legal Practice View

A distinguished panel of Cincinnati attorneys with international legal practices: Felix B. Chang (UC Law), Joseph J. Dehner (Frost Brown Todd), and John B. Pinney (Graydon Head and Ritchey) will discuss and take questions concerning their individual practices (which range from complicated international transactions to international litigation and commercial arbitration), how they anticipate international practice developing in the future, and the key skills that those who aspire to practice in the international area should acquire.

Moot Court

Moot Court is the student-run appellate advocacy honors society of the University of Cincinnati College of Law.