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Colloquia Series Archive

2012 Spring Faculty Workshop Schedule

DateName/SchoolPaper title
Feb. 3Scott Baker / Wash U"A Dynamic Model of Doctrinal Choice"
Feb. 17JD King / W & L"Beyond Life and Liberty: The Evolving Right to Counsel"
Feb. 24Ryan Scott / IU - Bloomington"The Skeptic's Guide to a Common Law of Sentencing"
Mar. 2Laura Dudley Jenkins / UC A&S (Department of Political Science)"International Perspectives on Affirmative Action in Higher Education"
April 6Michelle Madden Dempsey / Villanova"The Right and Duties of Crime Victims: A Response to Tadros"
April 12Siva Vaidhyanathan / Virginia (Department of Media Studies & School of Law) - co-sponsored with A&S Department of English and Comparative Literature as part of the Ropes Lecture Series:Informal coffee discussion at the law school - time and place TBD.
Public lecture @ 7pm in room 118: "There is no such thing as 'The Internet'"
Apr. 20Jamelle Sharpe / Illinois"Judging Congressional Oversight"
Apr. 27William Nancarrow / Curry College (Department of History)"The Cincinnati Courthouse Riot, William Howard Taft, and Judicial Reform in America, 1880-1925"


All workshops take place on Fridays in room 203 and begin at 12:15pm, except where otherwise noted. You can also view the calendar of speakers on our TWEN page (titled “Law Faculty Workshops and Colloquia – 2010-11”).

2011 Fall Faculty Workshop Schedule

DateName/SchoolPaper title
Sept. 9 (room 100A)Emily HouhCourse (Re)Design Redux
Sept. 23Tom EiseleTom on Teaching
Sept. 30Jennifer Bird-Pollan 
University of Kentucky
"Unfair and Inefficient: Sovereign Wealth Funds and the Foreign Sovereign Tax Exemption"
Oct. 7Tom Eisele & Emily HouhExam-writing and Student Assessment
Nov. 18Deborah Brake
University of Pittsburgh
“Wrestling with Gender: Constructing Masculinity by Not Wrestling Women”

2011 Summer Faculty Workshop Schedule

Please note that all workshops take place on Wednesdays in room 203 beginning at noon, except as otherwise noted.  As usual, lunch will be provided.





May 18

Doug Mossman

"Selling Meds for Competence Restoration: The Details Emerge or, Is this worth turning into a law review article?"

May 25 

Stephanie McMahon

“Joint and Several Tax Liability: I Do Not Think That Statute Means What You Think It Means”

June 1 

Joe Tomain

“Achieving Democracy: The Future of Government and Markets”

June 8 

Josh Chambers-Letson (A&S – English)

"The Making of Americans: Performance and Patriotism in the Japanese American Concentration Camps" 

June 15 

Darrell Miller

“Historical Tests and Unbalanced Rights: What the Seventh Amendment Can Teach Us About the Second”

June 22 

Barbara Black

“Arbitration of Investors’ Claims Against Issuers:  An Idea Whose Time Has Come?”

June 29 

Janet Moore

"Catching Cases" (aka "Connick-Garcetti:  A One-Two Knockout Punch")

July 6 

Ken Hirsh

“Introducing Students to Practice Technology: A Skills Course Proposal”

July 12 (TUES) 

Betsy Lenhart


July 13 

Susan Boland and John Hopkins

“Law Library Update: Scholarship Repository and Library Services,” and “The Latest Word in Classroom Technology

July 20 

Sandra Sperino

“Statutory Proximate Cause”

July 27 

Olga Sanmiguel (A&S – Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies)


August 3 

Kristin Kalsem and Emily Houh

“A Study of Payday Lender Customers: From the Ground Up”

August 10 

Mark Godsey, Raymond Towler, and Robert McClendon

OIP Update: Exoneree Voices

August 17 

Brad Mank

“Standing in Connecticut vs. American Electric Power

August 24  

Lynn Bai



Spring 2011 Colloquia Series
January 28Nichole Huberfeld

'Federlizing Medicaid'

February 4Todd Aagaard

‘Regulatory Overlap and Statutory Discontinuities’

March 4Deborah Widiss

‘Reconfiguring Sex, Gender, and the Law of Marriage’

TUESDAY, April 5Andrew Spalding

‘The Irony of International Business Law: U.S. Progressive Capitalism and China’s New Laissez Faire’

April 8Johanna Bond
(Washington & Lee)

‘Honor as Property’

April 15Virginia Harper Ho

‘Citizens United, Kiobel, and the Multinational Identity Crisis: (Un)bounding Corporate Accountability’

April 22Alexander Tsesis

‘Due Process in Civil Commitments’

Fall 2010 Colloquia Series
Sept. 10David Schwartz
"The Use of Legal Scholarship by the Federal Courts of Appeal: An Empirical Study"
Sept. 16Garrett Epps
Defining "citizenship" with respect to children of the undocumented
September 24Richard Albert
(Boston College)
"Presidential Roulette: Presidential Succession in an Age of Terror"
Oct. 1Dan Chow
"Counterfeiting as an Externality Imposed by Multi-Nationals on Developing Countries"
Oct. 8Eric Pan
"Explaining Financial Regulation"
Oct. 29Mirit Eyal-Cohen
"Small Business and the Government: A Theory of Path Dependence and Cognitive Biases"
Nov. 5Noga Morag-Levine
"Formalism and the Brandeis Brief: Revisiting the Myth"
Spring 2010 Colloquia Series
Jan. 15*Brian Broughman
Choice of Organizational Form: Preliminary DataTim Armstrong
Jan. 22*Stephanie Hoffer
(Ohio State)
Designing an Opt-Out Model of Public Finance for the Provision of Non-Essential Public GoodsAdam Steinman
Jan. 29John Palfrey
TBDTim Armstrong
Feb. 12TBDTBDMark Godsey
Feb. 19Carol Sanger
TBDKristin Kalsem
Feb. 26*Mirit Eyal-Cohen
Small Business Taxation – RevisitedStephanie McMahon
Mar. 12*Paulo Barozzo
(Boston College)
Law as Moral Imagination: History, Reason and Will in Modern LawLynn Bai
Mar. 19Stephen Choi
The Supreme Court’s Impact on Securities Class Actions: An Empirical Assessment of TellabsLynn Bai

* Scholar Exchange Program



Fall 2009 Colloquia Series

Sept. 11*Keith Fogg
In Whom We TrustJacob Cogan
Sept. 16Robert Schehr
(N. Arizona)
Moving Beyond Conventional Law School PedagogyMark Godsey
Oct. 2*Jelani Jefferson Exum
Why March to a Uniform Beat?: Adding Honesty and Proportionality to the Individualized Tunes of Federal SentencingChris Bryant
Oct. 9*Chris Bruner
(Washington & Lee)
Power and Purpose in the Anglo-American CorporationDarrell Miller
Oct. 23Michael Schwartz
Law School Pedagogy
(3 hours)
Nancy Oliver

Summer 2009 Colloquia Series Date Presenter Paper   May 13 Tim Armstrong An Introduction to Publication Agreements for Authors May 27 Barbara Black Post-Dura Issues and Collateral Damage in Securities Litigation June 3 Emily Houh
Darrell Miller Racial Retrenchment and the Thirteenth Amendment June 10 Margaret Drew The Role of Empathy and Courage in the Law School Clinic June 17 Chris Bryant Foreign Law as Legislative Fact in Constitutional Cases June 24 Stephanie McMahon To Have and to Hold: Rethinking Marital Property for Federal Income Tax Return Filings July 1 Ken Hirsh Law Library Initaives July 8 Doug Mossman Competence to Maintain a Divorce Action: When Breaking Up Is Hard to Do July 15 Mark Godsey The Use in Court of a Suspect's Silence During Questioning; OIP Update July 22 Kristin Kalsem In Contempt: 19th Century Women, Law, and Literature July 29 Darrell Miller The Thirteenth Amendment as Redemption August 5 Adam Steinman The Pleading Problem August 12 Michelle Bradley
Rachel Smith Rethinking Lawyering I: Legal Research and Writing August 19 Brad Mank Summers Rejects Probabilistic Standing, But Laidlaw Still Leaves an Opening for Threatened Injuries August 26 Lynn Bai Effectiveness of Current Regulation of Credit Rating Agencies

Spring 2009 Colloquia Series
Jan 16Michael Heise
Pass or Fail: High-Stakes Testing and Educational Policy by LitigationRonna Schneider
Jan 23Bennett Capers
Canaries, the Fourth Amendment, and the Equality PrincipleMark Godsey
Jan 30Peter Spiro
An International Law of CitizenshipJacob Cogan
Feb 6*David Olson
(Boston College)
Toward a First Amendment Based Copyright MisuseAdam Steinman
Feb 13*Paul Rose
(Ohio State)
The Regulation of Shareholder InfluenceLynn Bai
Feb 20*Kevin Collins
Should the Mind be Patentable Subject Matter?Chris Bryant
Mar 6Cathy Sharkey
The Politics of PreemptionAdam Steinman
Mar 13David Faigman
Constitutional Fictions: A Unified Theory of Constitutional FactsChris Bryant
Mar 20*Joy Mullane
Round and Round: The Cyclical Process of Tax Legislation Regulating Executive CompensationStephanie McMahon
April 10*Kim Bailey
There's a Stranger in My House: Re-examining Privacy Concerns in the Private/Public Debate in Domestic Violence Law and PolicyDarrell Miller
April 17Cynthia Fountaine
Protecting Diversity of Thought While Encouraging Diversity as Inclusiveness: Exploring Potential TensionsMargaret Drew
Fall 2008 Colloquia Series
Sept 5Nicole Huberfeld
Spending and Compulsory MotherhoodBetsy
Sept 19Leigh Goodmark
When Is a Battered Woman Not a Battered Woman? A Critique of the Legal System's Response to Domestic ViolenceMargaret
Oct 3*Tony Infanti
Taxing Civil Rights GainsTim
Oct 10*Susan Franck
(Wash. and Lee)
Investment Treaty Arbitration and Its Discontents: Empirically Analyzing Variables Implicating Outcomes of Arbitration AwardsJacob
Oct 24Jessie Hill
(Case Western)
Of Christmas Trees and Corpus Christi: The Establishment Clause and Change in Meaning over TimeAnn
Oct 31Frederick Gedicks
Pluralism, Oppression, and the Ambiguous "Revival" of ReligionTom

* Scholar Exchange Program

Summer 2008 Colloquia Series
May 28Jacob CoganRepresentation and Power in International Organization: The Current Constitutional Crisis
June 4Suja ThomasThe Reasonable Jury
June 11Mark GodseyThe Ohio Innocence Project
June 18Darrell MillerWhite Cartels, the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and the History of Jones v. Alfred Mayer Co.
June 25Verna WilliamsTitle IX and Social Justice Feminism
July 2Douglas MossmanCompetence to Stand Trial?
July 9Adam SteinmanDeference and Review
July 16Betsy MalloyAnonymous Blogging
July 23Brad MankStanding and Statistical Persons: Should Large Public Interest Organizations Have Greater Standing Rights Than Individuals?
July 30Paul CaronWar on the Income Tax
August 6Tim ArmstrongCan Authors Shrink the Public Domain?
August 13Chris BryantLegislative Facts in Constitutional Adjudication
August 20Emily HouhContracting Identities
August 27Lynn BaiSustaining Intervention - A Reflection on the Ten-Year Anniversary of the Hong Kong Government's Controversial Stock Market Support Measures
Spring 2008 Colloquia Series
April 25Haider Hamoudi
Realism in Islamic JurisprudenceLynn
April 11Ajay Mehrota
The Public Control of Corporate Power: The 1909 Corporate Tax, the Sixteenth Amendment, and the Legal Foundations of the Modern Fiscal StateAdam
April 4Natasha Martin
Immunity for Hire: The Same Actor Factor as a Subterfuge to Equality in the Contemporary WorkplaceEmily
March 21Nancy Rapoport
New Lessons From EnronBarbara
Feb 29Dayna Brown Matthew
Race, Religion and Informed Consent - Lessons From Social ScienceBetsy
Feb 22Jay Tidmarsh
(Notre Dame)
The Primacy of ProcedureAdam
Feb 8Robert Miller (Villanova)Directors as Advisors: The Role of Corporate Directors at Shareholder MeetingsMichael
Feb 1Martha Chamallas
(Ohio State)
Race, Gender, and TortsVerna
Jan 24Lonny Hoffman
Burn Up the Chaff With Unquenchable Fire: Taking Account of Procedural Intersections and Inconsistencies Among Pleading Standards, Summary Judgment and Removal PracticeMichael
Jan 18Mary-Rose Papandrea
(Boston College)
Student Speech Rights and the InternetRonna
Fall 2007 Colloquia Series
Sept 14Luis Fuentes-Rohwer
Bringing Democracy to Puerto Rico: A RejoinderEmily
Sept 28Melanie Wilson
Prosecutors "Doing Justice" Through Osmosis: Reminders to Encourage a Culture of CooperationBetsy
Nov 2Victor Fleischer
Regulatory Cost-Engineering: The Lawyer's Role in Regulating GamesmanshipPaul
Nov 9David Stras
Judicial Appointments and IdeologyMichael
Nov 16Tom Eisele
Participating in Disillusion and RenewalJoe
Nov 30Bernadette Atuahene
The Legitimacy of Property RightsTim
Summer 2007 Colloquia Series
May 23Suja ThomasWhy the Motion to Dismiss Could Be Unconstitutional
May 30Rick Bales
Explaining the Spread of At-Will Employment
June 6Annette Burkeen
Race, Law and Social Norms
June 13Ingrid WuerthWhat Are "Rules Concerning Capture on Land and Water"?
June 20Chris BryantPresidential Signing Statements: Congress's Power and Duty to Oversee the Execution of the Laws
June 27Adam SteinmanOur Class Action Federalism
July 11Betsy MalloyDoug Mossman Roll Out the Lawsuits: Could Tort Lawyers Have a Barrel of Fun with the Genetics of Alcoholism?
July 18Emily HouhStigma and Affirmative Action
July 25Brad MankOrdinary Citizens?
August 1Kristin Brandser
Verna Williams
Social Justice Feminism
August 8Barbara BlackDefrauded Investors?
August 15Mark GodseySilence and the Self-Incrimination Clause