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Degree Requirements

A. Completion of All First Year Courses

B. Second Year Required Courses
Legal Ethics
Client Counseling **

C. Seminar Requirement
Every student must successfully complete one seminar

D. Writing Requirement
Every student must successfully complete one of the following options:

  • a case note or comment for a law review or journal,
  • the writing requirements for the Intramural Moot Court Competition,
  • a Drafting course,
  • an Individual Research Project, or
  • a second seminar.

E. Classroom Credit Requirement
It is a requirement for graduation that a student complete, in an aggregate of 90 semester hours, at least 77 classroom credit hours. All required and most elective courses and seminars are classified as classroom credit offerings. Non‐classroom credit offerings include: Individual Research Project, law reviews and journals, Extern Program field placements, Moot Court, field placements for clinics, and a few other classes.

F. Grade Point Average
You must have at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA to graduate.

G. Residence Period
You must have completed a residence period of three academic years or its equivalent

** Students may satisfy this requirement by completing the Ohio Innocence Project course sequence in the second year. Students may also satisfy this requirement by taking the Domestic Violence & Civil Protection Order Clinic - 2L Experience in the second year ( note: this class may not be offered every year).