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The Tenant Information Project (TIP) is a volunteer organization that provides legal information to callers concerning landlord/tenant law. TIP is one of several organizations at the Law School through which students can receive recognition on their transcript as a Legal Public Interest Volunteer based upon their volunteer efforts. A minimum of 15 hours of participation is required each semester to receive this recognition. However, this requirement can be satisfied by volunteering as little as one hour each week throughout the semester.

While answering calls, volunteers explain the state of Ohio landlord/tenant law to callers with questions involving their leases, the eviction process, loud neighbors, or the condition of their apartments. Volunteers explain the rights and responsibilities of both the landlord and tenant and the options that the caller may have available. Callers are usually low-income residents of the Clifton area, undergraduate students at UC, or landlords curious about the law. By participating, TIP members gain both practical experience in dealing with clients who have legal problems and specialized knowledge of landlord-tenant law.

A hotline is operated by law students of the University of Cincinnati College of Law:
TIP Hotline: (513) 556-0053
8am - 5pm, M-F

TIP does not accept questions by email or in person. TIP volunteers are not attorneys, and cannot provide legal advice. They can, however, help clarify the law and explain possible courses of action. Should a person require legal advice or more in-depth assistance, TIP volunteers can direct your call to other agencies and lawyers in Cincinnati.

Currently Active: