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Student Bar Association

The Student Bar Association is the major funding and activity support group of the College. All students are members of the SBA and are represented by elected class representatives and appointed student organization representatives in the Executive Council.

The SBA sponsors social, sporting and cultural events, acts as a liaison between the administration and the student body and provides funding for student organizations. It also acts as a forum to coordinate student activities in the law school.

Six first-year representatives will be elected in September. Students interested in becoming involved in the Student Bar Association should visit the SBA office in the student activities area. (SBA By-laws and Constitution)

Student Leaders

  • President: Peter Wright
  • Vice President: Lauren VanHook
  • Treasurer: Richard Noell
  • Secretary: Megan Wamsley
  • 2L Reps: Theresa Brenner, Catlin Wells, Tyler Herrmann