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Student Legal Education Committee (SLEC)

The Student Legal Education Committee (SLEC) provides a mechanism for student participation in policy decisions affecting the College. Members of SLEC are assigned to the following College committees: Curriculum, Admissions, Faculty Appointments, Student Petitions and Academic Review, Nippert Committee on Lectures and Symposia, Center for Professional Development and Library. They may also form Ad Hoc Committees to study and report on problems affecting the student body. Together with faculty and administration representatives on these committees, students discuss and vote upon issues, assign tasks, and attempt to arrive at decisions which represent an accommodation of diverse views. SLEC members are elected from and by the student body. Members of SLEC distribute, collect, and analyze the faculty evaluation forms completed at the end of every semester by the students. Vacancies on the committee are filled in the fall semester.

Student Leaders

  • Chair: David Lopez-Kurtz
  • Vice-Chair: Gibran Peña-Porras
  • 3Ls: Gabrielle Carrier, Joe Jordan, Matt Seifert, Jackie Welp
  • 2Ls: Alex Barengo, Brendan Chisholm, Kevin Coker, Gabriel Fletcher, Leon Hampton, Brooke Logsdon, Katie McDonald
  • Section 1 - 1LRep: Paul Butch Frey
  • Section 2 - 1L Rep: Matthew Wagner
  • Section 3 - 1L Rep: David Lopez-Kurtz
  • Section 4 - 1L Rep: Rachel Rolfsen
  • 2L Transfer Students Rep: Daenayia Hudson
  • LLM Students Rep: Amanda Arigaba