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Public Interest Law Group (PILG)

Public Interest Law, broadly defined, encompasses all legal-related work, which seeks to provide representation to groups and interests that might otherwise lack meaningful representation within the legal system. Public interest law is often concerned with the implementation of political and social change.

The Public Interest Law Group (PILG) at the University of Cincinnati College of Law, is a coalition of students working to educate future lawyers to recognize the inequities that exist in our legal system, and to prepare the students, in their professional lives, to develop a more just society.

PILG provides students with: a summer grant program that allows the pursuit of legal work in the public interest field, and transcript recognition for students involved in law-related community outreach programs, including Volunteer Lawyers for the Poor, Tenant Information Project, Pro Kids, and Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program.

As well, PILG seeks to develop clinical opportunities, in the public interest field, for second and third year students; and to provide students with information, regarding public interest law opportunities, through the Center for Professional Development.

Student Leaders

  • Co-Presidents: Miranda Anandappa, Chris Collman, Danielle List
  • Treasurer: Max Moreland