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Law Women

UC Law Women (UCLW) was founded in 1995 with two main goals: (1) to provide programming apprising female students of career opportunities within the legal profession, and (2) to keep the campus population apprised of women's rights and related legal developments. UCLW is dedicated to promoting the interests of women within the law school and beyond. To this end, UCLW encourages discussion and debate on issues pertaining to women and gender, promotes speech and action by UCLW members on issues important to women, devotes resources to student support and professional development, and advocates for women's interests in society. Within each of these endeavors, we promote an expansive view of feminism that embraces people of different races, colors, sexual orientations, ideologies, cultures, and classes.

Student Leaders

  • Chair: Caitlin Case
  • Social Chair: Kelly McBride
  • Social Chair: Kelsi Steele