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Immigration and Nationality Law Review

The Immigration & Nationality Law Review (INLR) is comprised of third-year editorial board members and invited, second-year associate members, who are devoted to the production of the Review and student advocacy in the area of immigration and nationality law. The journal, an annual production of William S. Hein & Co., has been in existence for twenty years. In 1999, the University of Cincinnati College of Law was honored with the opportunity to take over production of the Review.

The journal consists of original immigration and nationality law articles, republications of immigration and nationality law articles, and original student submissions which are selected for their excellence. While primarily focused on immigration law, which seeks to define who may enter and reside in a country, INLR incorporates subject matter well beyond immigration. In particular, the INLR addresses issues of nationality which considers the formal relationship between a citizen of a nation and the nation itself. Since immigration and nationality work together to delineate citizenship and residency, they play an important part in the ongoing dialogue regarding national identity. Moreover, immigration and nationality frequently implicate issues of race, gender, class, and national security.

At the end of the Spring semester, 1st year law students are allowed to compete for a spot on the review as a 2L associate member via a writing competition. Typically, those whose writing skills are deemed exceptional by the editorial board, are invited to join the Review during the late summer before school begins.

Student Leaders

  • Editor-in-Chief: Ajla Glavasevic
  • Reprint Editors: Allison Bartlett, Juan Carlos Reyes, and Jeremy Garcia
  • Managing Editor: Aleksandr Oumarbaev
  • Senior Articles Editor: Heather Heldman
  • Book Review Editors: Stephanie Franxman and Fanny Delaunay
  • Student Articles Editor: Sana Hassan and Renee Hinkle
  • Associate Members: Kenley Street, Brian Higgins, Rebecca Campbell, Perry Thompson, Lisa Splawinski, Nicholas Ehlert, Lewis Frasch, Candice Thomas, Remington Jackson, Silhan Jin
  • Faculty Advisor: Professor Brad Mank