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Legal Externship Program

For specific information regarding applying for this experience for spring of 2013, see the registration form posted on Symplicity under the Resources tab.

1. The Legal Extern Program requires a minimum of 100 hours of work at your placement.

2. The Legal Extern Program consists of two separate classes: a) a two-hour, non-classroom credit, ungraded course; and b) a one-hour, classroom credit, graded course. Class attendance is mandatory.

3. Consideration is given to the student's level of and reason for interest in a particular placement as reflected in the statement of interest, coursework, grades, and career plans, and to specific conditions set by the field supervisors. Some placements require an interview with the supervisor.

4.The availability of a specific externship depends upon the needs of the supervising attorney and the organization. While most externships are available each semester, there is no guarantee that each externship listed on the registration form will be available for next semester. If you have questions about a specific externship, please contact Jim Tomasziewski.

5. Academic credit is awarded only for fieldwork completed under the auspices of the Extern Program. Voluntary or compensated work or work completed before or after the semester will not qualify for credit.

6. Some externships have special requirements; see notes on the registration form. Students interested in externships requiring or preferring students to have a Legal Intern Certificate must obtain the Certificate before the start of the semester. Information regarding the Certificate and applications can be obtained from the Registrar. Allow at least 4 weeks to obtain the certificate. Students must have completed at least 60 credits, which is two thirds of the total credits required for graduation, to be able to apply for the certificate.

7. Please list no more than five (5) choices in order of interest, marking your first choice "1", your second "2", and so on. Be sure that you are interested in and have a commitment to completing an externship with each office you list because placements will usually be made before the semester commences so externs may begin work immediately. Because so many offices that participate in the Legal Extern Program have been disappointed by students dropping the class after they have been assigned to an externship, students are permitted to drop the Legal Extern class only until the drop/add date for limited enrollment classes, and the Law School reserves the right not to permit any student who drops the class after he or she is assigned an externship to re-enroll in the Legal Extern class in the future.

8. Students may take the Legal Extern class one time only, regardless of their field placement. Please make your selections carefully.

9. To apply for an externship, return the completed form with a resume and a transcript to the Registrar no later than 12 pm on the date indicated on the form. A copy of your transcript can be obtained from the Registrar.

Please note that Federal Government placements may require a security clearance. Because the security clearance procedures take more time, students seeking Federal Government placements are strongly encouraged to apply early. 

Registration for the Legal Externship class is not complete without including a resume and transcript, and a student will not be placed in an externship unless a resume and transcript are submitted with this form.