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Fall 2018 Classes

The College of Law will offer a wide array of classes for the Fall 2018 semester. Here you will find individual course descriptions for these classes. In many of the course descriptions, your professors have indicated their tentative plans for how they will assess your work in the classes. Please be aware that many of them will also use other assessments such as class participation and attendance, and these plans may change before the first class. You should check the syllabus when it comes out to get more information about how a class will be assessed.

  • Fall 2018 Regular Courses
  • Fall 2018 Short Courses
  • List of Bar Classes in Fall 2018
  • List of Limited Enrollment Lottery Classes - Fall 2018
  • List of Experiential Learning Courses - Fall 2018
  • List of Classes that Satisfy the Lawyering Requirement - Fall 2018
  • Information about Prerequisites
  • Required 2L Classes