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General Bar Exam Information

What is the Bar Exam?
Most states require you to pass a bar exam in order to be licensed to practice law in that state. The content of the bar exam varies by state, but in general bar exams are designed to test knowledge of legal concepts generally and the laws of the testing state specifically. Click here for a basic overview of bar admissions.

What's tested on the Bar Exam?
Most of our students take the Ohio bar exam after graduating from law school. Click here for information about the Ohio bar exam.

Many of our students decide to practice law outside Ohio. Each state has its own requirements for admittance to the state bar. Most states require a bar exam, although the content of the exam will vary from state to state. Click here for information about taking the bar in other states.

Do I have to pass an Ethics Exam?
In order to practice law in Ohio you must also pass the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE). This is not part of the Ohio bar exam; it is a separate exam completely. Click here for more information about the MPRE.

How do I prepare for the Bar Exam?

  • Choose Law School Electives Carefully

    You should consider the subjects on the bar exam when deciding what elective courses to take in law school. Click here for a list of the subjects covered on the Ohio bar exam. They need not dictate your entire course selection. Nevertheless, you should try to take courses in many of the subjects covered on the bar exam.

  • Consider a Commercial Bar Review Course

    Many students take a commercial bar review course in the weeks leading up to the bar exam. These courses usually begin immediately after graduation. There are many commercial providers; click here for a list of some of them.

How can I get more information about Bar Exams?
The National Conference of Bar Examiners has published a Comprehensive Guide to Bar Admissions. It contains helpful information about bar exams and admittance to the bar in Ohio and other states.

Click here for information about the National Conference of Bar examiners generally. The American Bar Association also has information about admittance to the bar generally and bar exams in particular. Click here for more information.