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Applying for the Ohio Bar Presentation

Date: Tuesday, October 4, 2011
Time: 12:15 p.m.
Location: Room 114

Bar Registrars

Charlene Carpenter,, Room 201N, 556-0070
Joel Chanvisanuruk,, Room 201M, 556-3531
Assistant Dean Mina Jefferson,, Room 201K, 556-0075

Application to Register as a Candidate

On October 4, 2011, representatives from the Supreme Court of Ohio were here at the College of Law to present their annual session on how to complete your "APPLICATION TO REGISTER AS A CANDIDATE" for the Ohio Bar Exam. Please call the Supreme Court of Ohio at 614-387-9340 with specific questions.

Ohio has a two-part process. The first part (The Application to Register As A Candidate) is available on the Ohio Supreme Court’s website:

  • Completion recommended in your second year of law school to avoid the late filing fee.
  • Flex-time and Joint Degree students should fulfill this requirement after their first year to avoid the late filing fee.


The Application to Register carries a fee of $225.00.

  • Two separate checks (cashier's check, certified check, or money order only (no personal checks))
    • $75 (payable to Supreme Court of Ohio)
    • $150 (payable to NCBE)
  • Special fees if applicant's undergraduate or legal education was not received in the United States.

What You Will Need

  • Exact addresses of your place(s) of residence.
  • Are you currently involved in any legal action? If so, details need to be reported.
  • If you have traffic violations you will need to include a driving abstract.
  • Do you have a juvenile record? Provide the information even if it has been expunged.
  • Male students must give their Selective Service Number (Get Selective Service Number).
  • An official copy of your undergraduate transcript. Check with Charlene to verify that you sent TWO copies of your transcript to the College of Law when you were admitted. PLEASE NOTE: Charlene canNOT, under any circumstances, allow you to take the only copy in your student file and the Supreme Court will NOT accept a photocopy.
  • In addition to having the final application notarized, also notarize all additional pages.
  • Include all fees.
  • Sign your application.

Important Dates

Begin now to collect your information and complete the application.

  • Turn in Certificate of Dean to Charlene for Dean Oliver's signature
  • October 4, 12:15pm, Rm 114 — attend info session held by Supreme Court of Ohio
  • November 7, 11:00am-1:30pm Fingerprinting (by sliding doors) by Bev Reinhart ($5 fee)
  • November 8, "Notary Blitz" (on 1st floor by 100B) - 12:00-1:00pm
  • November 8, Noon — last day to turn in "Certificate of Dean" to Charlene
  • November 9, 11:00am -1:30pm — Fingerprinting available (by sliding doors by Bev Reinhart)
  • November 9, Noon — "Notary Blitz" (on 1st floor by 100B) - 12:00-1:30pm
  • November 11, Noon — turn in completed application to Charlene to be included in the mailing ($5 fee) (please plan on this taking about 15 minutes) — REMINDER: BANKS ARE CLOSED FOR THE VETERANS' DAY HOLIDAY!
  • November 15, 5:00 pm — "Application to Register as A Candidate" must be received by the Supreme Court of Ohio


Fingerprint/Cards are available from Charlene, Bev Reinhart, or the Supreme Court. Options for fingerprinting are:

  • Bev Reinhart — by the sliding glass doors on November 7 and 9. Her fee is $5.00 (payable by cash or check)
  • UC Campus Police station (you must call ahead)
  • Hamilton County Justice Center
  • Some local police stations are still able to do the ink prints (you should call to verify)

Turning in Your Application and Mailing

  • Charlene Carpenter (by noon on November 11)
  • In person to the Admissions Office (by 5:00pm, November 15)

Please note: the receipt date, not the postmark, applies to all admissions to the bar.

Charlene will mail applications ($5/student (cash or personal check made payable to UC)) which guarantees your packet will be received on time by the Supreme Court.  Submit your completed packet to Charlene by noon, November 11. At the time you submit your packet to Charlene, she checks to make sure that you've included all the forms you need (she does not check responses).

If you would like to mail or hand-deliver the application yourself, the address is:

Supreme Court of Ohio, Admissions Office
65 South Front Street, 5th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-3431

Cautionary Notes

  • Keep a copy of the completed application!
  • If you mail the application yourself, send the packet by guaranteed mail or delivery service and keep the tracking/tracing number with your copy.

After You Have Turned in Your Application

The Supreme Court Admissions Office will send a receipt to you. Do Not Throw This Receipt Away. Keep it with your copy. This is your identification number with the Supreme Court. You will need this number when contacting the Supreme Court Admissions Office. You will also need this number to be admitted to take the bar exam.

Special Testing Accommodations

If you would like to review the policy on Applicants with Disabilities, or if you have questions, you should contact the Supreme Court Admissions Office at 614-387-9000 or visit their website.


You may see Charlene Carpenter (Rm 201N) regarding forms and turning in the completed application. For questions regarding special circumstances or character issues you may talk with Assistant Dean Mina Jefferson (Rm 201K) or you may call the Supreme Court Admissions Office at 614-387-9000.