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Laptop Computer Exam Instructions - Fall 2017

For the Fall 2017 Exams, we are again offering students the opportunity to take exams on their laptop computers using special exam writing software. The software we will be using is produced by Extegrity and is called Exam4. The software works on Windows (Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10) and Macintosh (running at least MacOS 10.9 and including 10.12 SIE) computers.

For more information on supported operating systems and hardware, please go to the Exam Software Guide.

Download Exam Software

The software is available for downloading at

  • Click on "Law schools."
  • Scroll down to Ohio and click on the University of Cincinnati link.
  • Fill out the brief registration form and submit it.
  • Download and save the software to your computer then click on the file you saved to begin the installation process.

If you downloaded the exam software for last semester's exams you will still need to download the latest version for this semester.

NOTE: To avoid any last minute problems, we recommend that you download and test the exam software on your computer before exams begin.

Exam Submission

Exams can be submitted by handing in your exam using your computer's connection to the College wireless network or on a USB flash drive. We will have USB flash drives that can be loaned out at exam time.

Exam Procedures and Software Guide

Please read the following documents carefully:

NOTICE: The College of Law is not responsible for any equipment failure during the exam and will not allot extra time to enable students to address equipment failure. Students who experience equipment failure must continue the exam by writing in bluebooks. Exam4 automatically backs-up your work for you every ten seconds; therefore, answers written prior to a malfunction should be recoverable from the computer's hard drive.