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Third Year Student Resources

There are several Academic Success programs for upper level students including:

Individual Meetings

Third year students who are interested in enhancing their academic performance are encouraged to make an appointment with Joel Chanvisanuruk, the Director of Academic Success. During individual meetings, students will do various legal reading and writing exercises that will help improve their analytical and writing skills. Students will be given feedback on practice exercises.

Exam Preparation Meetings

During exam prep meetings students will take practice exams, receive individual critiques of their work, and will focus on improving areas of weakness. Students will also learn strategies to enhance their exam performance. These meetings can be scheduled in the month preceding the exam period.

Bar Class Selection Meetings

The Director of Academic Success is available to assist upper level students in selecting classes that will be useful for the bar exam. Class selection meetings can be scheduled the month before class registration is due for the semester.

Course Offerings

Every Spring the College of Law offers Legal Analysis and Drafting: The Bar Exam. This course serves the dual purpose of equipping students to succeed on the written portions of bar examinations and preparing for legal practice by developing and honing skills relevant to legal analysis, professional and effective written communication, principled advocacy, and management of legal work. Students taking the course receive instruction, practice, critical peer review, and coaching in these skills that will be valuable in taking a bar examination in Ohio or any other jurisdiction. Students practice these skills using model and previously-administered essays and Multistate Performance Tests (MPTs). Students will also engage in self-assessment exercises addressing learning styles and time/work management issues. Although students will have an opportunity to review some core legal concepts, the focus of this course will be on practicing and developing the professional skills necessary to pass a bar examination and enter the legal profession.

This course is not intended to substitute for a bar preparation course, taken after Hooding, which is necessary to review core concepts learned throughout law school and those legal concepts not studied in law school or required by the jurisdiction in which students wish to practice. Instead, this course will build a strong foundation in the skills necessary to be successful on a bar exam.

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