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Rick Johnson

I attended the University of Florida for undergrad, where I became the first in my family to graduate from college.  I majored in Natural Resources and Conservation and minored in zoology and education.  Although, I worked nearly full time hours I was able to graduate in just three years.  After graduation, before coming to law school, I spent two years teaching High School-Honors and Advanced Placement Chemistry.  Teaching was a great experience that really helped me grow both personally and professionally.

I have really enjoyed me experience so far at UC (except for the cold Cincinnati weather).  My one regret from undergrad is that I feel like I approached it as a human bull-dozer.  That's something that I've tried to change here at law school by being as involved in the school as I can, trying to soak up experiences as they come.  I've also focused on academics a lot more than I did in undergrad.  Ironically enough, it was teaching, that taught me how to become a good student.  Along the way I've had a lot of fun and have met great friends.  Although I'm a diehard gators fan, I'm proud to say that I went to every Bearcats football game this last year (and many of the basketball games too).