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Greg Holger

I came to the Law School in the Fall of 2010 as a graduate of Miami University with a BS in Business-Economics and a minor in Business Legal Studies. Born in Cincinnati, I spent my childhood in Louisville and my return to the city was both a new adventure and a homecoming at the same time.

Summing up my first year in a paragraph is difficult but my initial thoughts are how fast it flew by and how much I enjoyed the experience. Over the last year I have formed many great relationships with students, staff, and faculty that have helped me develop as a student and a person. These relationships have made coming to school every day enjoyable and helped me embrace the unique learning opportunities we receive as law students.

I am excited to begin working as a SSG Leader this fall. I believe this will be a great program and I look forward meeting new people while sharing any advice I have about succeeding and enjoying 1L year.