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First Year Students

First Year Student Resources

Several resources are available to first year students of the College to help ease their transition to law school.

Academic Success Program for First Year Students

The goal of the Academic Success Program at UC Law is to assist each student in reaching his or her full academic potential in law school, while developing the core skills that will carry over into the successful practice of law. The program provides guidance and support to students on an individual and small group basis.

Structured Study Group Program

Law students are invited to participate in UC Law’s Structured Study Group Program during the fall semester of their first year. Structured Study Groups (SSGs) are led by trained second- and third-year law students and meet twice weekly for one hour per meeting. One meeting per week focuses on developing and applying the skills needed to successfully navigate the learning process in law school (case study method, Socratic method, case briefing, outlining, memorization, legal analysis, time management). During the second weekly meeting students complete and receive feedback on an exam-like question. This weekly exercise throughout the first semester helps students master the law school exam; the primary basis of grading in the first year of law school. Structured Study Group leaders do not tutor or teach the law; rather they guide participating students in developing the skills to teach themselves the law.

Students elect into the structured study group program during the orientation period before the first semester of law school. For more information about the program contact the Director of Academic Success and Bar Programs.

Meet the 2011 Structured Study Group Leaders

Individualized ASP Meetings

First year students also have the opportunity to schedule individual meetings with the Director of Academic Success.