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CPD Programs

Explore. Evolve. Engage.

Students can engage in as little or as much professional development as they like. One size does not fit all; however, the common denominator is that you should do something. Many students arrive at law school still looking for their passion.That’s ok, but there is a big difference between I don’t know what I want to do and I don’t know, but I need to find out. We help you answer that question.

Here are just a few of the programs dedicated to career exploration. We offer many other programs to also inform student career goals.

Practice Previews

This is a 5-week program that incorporates a flipped classroom approach. These programs accelerate student exposure to the settings in which legal professionals work – from law firms to the bench and everything in between. Each session introduces students to another group of professionals who willingly mentor them along the way.

Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club convenes each fall and provides students unparalleled access to highly accomplished professionals and public servants. Typical guests include general counsel representing Fortune 100 Companies, executive directors of non-profit organizations as well as lawyers in private practice or working in the public arena as state and federal prosecutors.


The Catalyst Program folds students into the lives of professionals and is designed to meet the unique needs of each participant. By participating, students get to see the life of a lawyer in real time, not just read about it. Students have attended in-house training sessions, board meetings as well as a variety of civic and charitable events, observed courtroom proceedings and seminars with legal professionals. These are just a few of the programs dedicated to career exploration, many other programs also inform student career goals.

CPD Programs

1L Professional Planning Meetings
2L Professional Planning Meetings
2TO25 Small Firm Fair
3L Professional Planning Meetings
Anatomy of a 1L  Summer Job Search Webinar
Breakfast Club
Catalyst Cincinnati Kickoff
Catalyst Cincinnati Wrap-Up
Coffee Hour & a Half
CPD/ASP - Law In Practice|Books to Briefs (Contracts)
CPD/ASP - Law In Practice|Books to Briefs (Torts)
Fellowship Information Session
Final Friday: Private Practice
Final Friday: Public Sector
Foreign Service Presentation
GE Aviation Systems 1L info Session
International Law Presentation
Interviewing Presentation (Phi Alpha Delta)
Judicial Clerkship Info Session
Judicial Clerkship Nuts & Bolts
LinkedIn Presentation
Major Lindsay & Africa Presentation
Marine Corps JAG Info Session
Notary Blitz
Practice Preview: Alternative Careers
Practice Preview: Government
Practice Preview: Public Interest
Practice Preview: Alternative Careers Webinar
Practice Preview: Government Webinar
Practice Preview: Jobs & JDs
Practice Preview: Private Practice
Practice Preview: Private Practice Webinar
Practice Preview: Public Interest Webinar
Public Interest/Government Career Fair
Speed Chat Event