UC College of Law
Volume 3, Issue 6
April 2011

IngotCollege Hosts International Conference on Wrongful Convictions

The first-ever international conference of the Innocence Project Network was hosted in Cincinnati this month by UC Law’s Ohio Innocence Project. Lawyers, professors, students, human-rights activists and more than 100 wrongfully convicted people who had been exonerated from prison attended the event at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in downtown on April 7-10, which ended up being the largest gathering of "exonerees" ever.  (Read more)

IngotProfessors Receive Goldman Prize for Teaching Excellence

Verna WilliamsMost professors strive to both challenge and engage students daily.  Even more, professors hope to be dedicated and respectful while commanding some respect of their own.  This year’s Goldman Prize awardees demonstrate that professors can embody all of these traits and more.  Each year, College of Law students have the opportunity to honor those professors who distinguish themselves in the classroom and who demonstrate excellence in teaching. This year the Goldman Prize Committee recognizes Professors Marianna Brown Bettman, Elizabeth Lenhart, and Verna Williams. (Read more)

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IngotMeet 3L Students Sarah Sanderson and Ross Bextermueller

sandersonWhile they were waiting for the first Introduction to Law class in August 2008 to begin, Ross Bextermueller asked Sarah Sanderson if she was ready for law school. The two have been dating since.  In their final year of law school, Bextermueller and Sanderson, now engaged, are scheduled to graduate next month as members of the Class of 2011. (Read more)

IngotFacebook Group for Class of 2014

Cincinnati skylineMembers of this fall’s entering class can now connect through Facebook by joining the group “University of Cincinnati College of Law—Class of 2014.” The group was started by a member of the class and is open to all incoming students.

IngotMeet UC Law's Visiting Professors

Lydia PierreJanet MooreLydie Nadia Cabrera Pierre-Louis and Janet Moore are visiting professors this semester, focusing on areas as diverse as criminal defense to corporations a nd agencies/partnerships. They will be handling the course load for those teachers on sabbatical. (Read more)

IngotShane Starkey '95 Is Committed to Leadership Development and Community Service

Shane StarkeyShane Starkey '95, originally from Youngstown, Ohio, came to the College of Law right after graduating from Wittenberg University in 1992.  At Wittenberg, Starkey majored in economics, with a minor in philosophy.  (Read more)


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