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How do students enroll?
Students enroll by completing the “Application for Enrollment” and submitting the application, a resume and a copy of his or her law school transcripts to Lori Strait, the PTC’s Office Manager.

Who is eligible to enroll?
2L’s or 3L’s who have taken Introduction to IP or an equivalent course focusing on patent or trademarks.

When applying, each student:

  1. should ensure their schedule can accommodate both the class time and the pre-assigned office hours;
  2. will identify an interest in patent or trademark law, which will be the focus of their work during the semester if they are selected.

The PTC’s co-directors Goldfarb, Goldstein, and Krafte will select 4-6 students for enrollment based upon the application and possible follow-up interviews. After selected students are notified, those students should enroll for two courses, both the field placement component and weekly classroom component of the Clinic.