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Pro Bono Work and Transcript Recognition Program at UC Law

Since 1997, the College of Law has recognized students who have committed to volunteer legal public interest work through its Transcript Recognition Program.  Students who volunteer 15 or more legal public interest hours in a semester receive a notation on their transcript reflecting their service.   Congratulations to the following students who received such recognition during Spring 2013:

William Abbey, Scott Augsback, Allison Bartlett, Justin Bagley, Craig Belliston, Jennifer Cuesta, Lena Gionnette, Erica Hemle, Simar Khera, Mararita Klyugina, William Leaman, Sean Mahaffey, Sean Myers, Eric Munas, Felicia Otisi Omoji, Colin Pool, John Price, Edward Ramsey, Ryan Shiverdecker, Perry Thompson, Jyoshu Tsushima, William Volck, and Erin Welch.

Students volunteer at a variety of organizations, such as ProKids, Campbell County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, Cincinnati Interfaith Workers’ Center, as well as the student-lead groups - Volunteer Income Tax Association (VITA) and Tenant Information Project (TIP). 

Erin Welch, a second year law student, volunteered at the Cincinnati Interfaith Workers’ Center, an organization that helps mobilize and educate low wage and immigrant workers. While there, she assisted the Board by translating documents and participating in educational campaigns.  She hopes to continue as a volunteer with the organization, and particularly enjoyed the opportunity to work directly with the immigrant worker community.

If you have volunteer project ideas, or questions about pro bono work or hosting a volunteer, contact Diane Cross at or 513.556.0058.