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Catalyst | Connecting Law Students to the Profession One Lawyer at a Time

Students talk with Rob Richardson '05 and Mahlet Richardson ’07

What is a Catalyst?

A catalyst is usually defined as a substance or agent that accelerates the rate of a chemical reaction. Similarly, a catalyst can be defined as a person or a thing that precipitates an event or change. Law school is all about changes. Managing those changes and forging a career requires perspective.

You can help by serving as a Catalyst for 1L, 2L and 3L students. Each Catalyst brings wisdom, experience and unparalled professionalism to benefit our students' professional journey. The interaction between each student and Catalyst will provide students with a filter for their experiences and help students marry those experiences to their unique ambitions and expectations.

The goals of the program are relatively simple:

  • To introduce students to the organized bar, the importance of professional development and the role of public service
  • To connect legal professionals with the law students and fuel their career explorations and development
  • To expose students to the realities of the practice of law and related professionalism issues


How does it work?

The Catalyst Program is hosted at various times throughout the academic year. For instance, during fall break students can connect with attorneys in Chicago and Philadelphia. Columbus and Cleveland are the sites for spring break. The program will be hosted in Cincinnati, February-April annually.

Students submit applications for each program and are matched with a Catalyst. The Center for Professional Development administers the program as follows:

Fall Break Program (Chicago, Philadelphia)          Alumni solicitation begins in August
Cincinnati Program                                           Alumni solicitation begins in November
Spring Break Program (Columbus, Cleveland)       Alumni solicitation begins in January

Interested? Please contact Kate Christoff at (513) 556-0167,

Missed our last event?

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