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Updates @ UC Law - September 2008

From the granddaughter of a two-time president of Venezuela to a UC Law grad who specializes in airplane disasters, our September issue is full of fascinating stories about the UC Law family. Meet the 14 new faculty and staff members; find out more about the upcoming Taft Lecture; and check out the “newly revamped” ping pong room!

Admissions Department Launches Alumni Program

The Admissions Department is kicking off a new program where alumni across the country can help promote UC Law. Alumni will be asked to contact selected admitted applicants in their area to share their UC Law experience, as well as discuss career opportunities for grads. Contact the Admissions team at to learn more.

From Bosnia War Crimes to Airplane Disasters, Meet Litigator & UC Law Grad Ann Taylor, '92

While current students interviewed for summer associate positions over the past month, Ann Taylor, a 1992 graduate of the law school, celebrated 15 years of work at Lord, Bissell & Brook LLP in Chicago. (Read More)

UC Law Welcomes New Faculty and Staff

The academic year is in full swing and new faces dot the hallways. Welcome to our new UC Law colleagues. (Read More)

Meet 3L Maria Gonzales

For many law students, the biggest concern on any given day might be what club is offering free lunch. Maria Gonzalez has a bit more on her plate. Gonzalez manages law school classes and involvement in the Immigration and Nationality Law Review, in addition to maintaining a family with a husband and two children. (Read More)

Faculty Focus: Professor Darrell Miller

From the small town of Anderson, Indiana where he grew up and attended college to Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he attended law school at one of the most prestigious institutions in the nation ... Professor Darrell Miller has made his mark. (Read More)

Are You Ready for Some...Table Tennis?

POP-POP, POP-POP! The repetitive sound can be heard ringing through the first floor halls of the law school. Not a dripping water fountain or the click of dress shoes in preparation for on campus interviews; it’s a highly competitive ping pong match taking place in the newly revamped student activities room. (Read More)

G. Edward White Lectures on the Framer's Constitution at the 2008 Taft Lecture

Traditionally, the foundational ideas about our country have included concepts of liberty, equality, protection of private property, popular sovereignty, federalism, and separation of powers. But what happens when these ideas are re-examined through a prism of the defining events of the founding period? Perhaps some of the ideas aren’t as closely connected as once thought. Join Professor White on October 7 for a presentation on this thought-provoking topic.