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Updates @ UC Law - November 2008

UC Law Showcases Real Life Through Practice Ones

Who says the ambiance at chain restaurants doesn’t elicit genius? Last year, while traveling for the regional negotiation competition, Professor Marjorie Aaron and students Eric Vang and Tre Ronne stopped for a bite to eat and had more on their minds than the blue plate special. “We were talking about the Center for Practice and the idea just emerged from the two of them that students ought to be able to ‘add on’ an experience in conjunction with class,” explained Aaron. “Then, it hit me,” she continued. The idea for a Practice One course—an interactive program to showcase a “day in the life” of lawyers—was born. (Read more)


Teaching Intellectual Property Presents a Challenge for '01 Grads

Some familiar faces grace the halls of UC Law this year. Clayton Kuhnell and Eric Robbins, both Class of 2001, stepped back into the classroom to play a different role: professor. Kuhnell and Robbins were selected to serve as adjunct faculty members to teach the newly developed Practice One course in conjunction with the Introduction to Intellectual Property course. (Read more)


Intellectual Property and UC Law a Great Fit for Amanda Penick, '09

Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz couldn't have said it better. There's no place like home. And for Amanda Penick, '09,  the true meaning of these words became evident when she moved back home to Cincinnati to begin her three year law school journey. (Read more)


Prof. Tim Armstrong Enjoys Building Intellectual Property Program

Many professors at UC Law do it all: teach, read, write, speak, lecture, raise families, and even find time to attend the occasional student and school functions. For Professor Tim Armstrong, his responsibilities include serving as the only full time faculty member in his legal area of intellectual property (IP) at UC. Being a small law school has not precluded UC Law, with the help and guidance of Armstrong, from building and growing a solid IP program. (Read more)


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