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Updates @ UC Law - February 2010

2010 Corporate Law Symposium: "The Globalization of Securities Regulation: Competition or Coordination?"

After the enactment of Sarbanes-Oxley in 2002, influential voices in the business, political, and academic communities expressed concern that the U.S. markets were losing their competitive advantage. While a number of factors were identified as contributing to this decline, higher U.S. regulatory compliance costs and liability risks were, in particular, singled out. (Read more)


Corporations Practice One Gives Students Real World Experience

While the substantive portions of law school classes are very important, a student can gain only a limited understanding of the practice of an area of law in a classroom. To give students more "real world experience," UC Law created "Practice Ones," additional seminars designed to show how class work is actually applied in the workplace. (Read more)


UC Law Alumni Maintain Strong Connection with Kroger Company

Although they took different paths to get to Kroger, three UC Law alumni were able to point to certain characteristics that are valuable for those practicing corporate law. They also provided suggestions about ways students and attorneys can make themselves stand out from other job applicants and find success even in a difficult job market. (Read more)


Meet Business Mogul and UC Law Student G. Austin Allison '11

At the age of eight Austin Allison started his first business — successfully selling bird houses — in addition to doing the usual kid activities. Sixteen years later at the age of 24, Allison is the co-founder and CEO of The DotLoop Company, a multi-million-dollar software design firm, while working through his second year in law school. (Read more)


2010 Robert S. Marx Lecture featuring Samuel R. Bagenstos

The College of Law is honored to present Samuel Bagenstos, Deputy Assistant Attorney General at the United States Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, as the 2010 Robert S. Marx lecturer. (Read more)


New Academic Success Director Joel Chanvisanuruk '06 Helps Students See Big Picture

"Grade wise, I fell flat on my face my first semester of law school," said Joel Chanvisanuruk '06, the law school’s new Director of Academic Success. "I was surprised and pretty confused. But I was eventually able to find my bearings, particularly when I had the opportunity to apply my classroom knowledge to real world settings. That's really where everything started to make sense for me." (Read more)


UC Law Celebrates Public Interest Law Week Feb. 22-26

Meet UC Law students who have made public interest law their career choice. They are strong public interest advocates who reflect strongly on the values taught and lessons learned in and out of the classroom.


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