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Mike Hogan Joins Development Team

MIke HoganAs Associate Director of Development at the law school, Mike Hogan has honed his skills at doing something many find difficult: asking for money. “Yes, our goal is the successful completion of the campaign, but it is more than that,” he said. “We get to help people realize their philanthropic potential. We help them realize that through giving, they can make a tremendous impact.” That’s one of the most exciting parts of his new job.

Hogan, who has worked at the university for almost four years, has spent significant time in the development field. “My original (career) goal was working in corporate communications; but life changes paths on you,” he laughed.

After graduating from local LaSalle High School and Northern Kentucky University, he began his career working at the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, eventually transitioning to local public relations agency Northlich. There, he specialized in government affairs. He went on to work for the Boy Scouts of America. Through all three positions he was able to gain valuable fundraising, public relations, and marketing experience which have been critical to his work at the university and, now, UC Law.

“After doing annual giving campaigns for quite a few years, I realized I wanted to do more. In this community there are two areas in which to go: higher education and medicine. Cincinnati is lucky in that it has both, UC is fortunate in that it also has both…on one campus!”

Hogan joined UC Foundation’s central office, where he served on the National Major Gift team. He successfully focused his efforts on cultivating UC alumni and raising funds from areas outside of Greater Cincinnati. The move to UC Law provides him the opportunity to shift from central development to college development. “The Cornerstones Campaign has tremendous potential,” he commented. “This is big. We’re building a new home!”

After a month at the law school, Hogan has been impressed with what he’s found so far. “Law school is – and to me, always has been – fascinating. I firmly believe in the mission of the college. It’s a great place to really wrap your arms around.”

“Law alumni have a passion that’s different from others,” he continued. “Their connection to the law school, specifically, is deep.”

Hogan says he really looks forward to being on campus. “It’s a daily reminder of why you’re doing this. Walking across campus, seeing the university as a living a breathing student body, helps to keep you in focus.” 

5 Things About Mike Hogan

  • Favorite Activities: photography, golfing, being a Dad (2 daughters, Abby and Kelsey)
  • Favorite Sports Team: Cincinnati Bengals…oh, wait…BEARCATS!
  • Nickname @ UC Law bowling outing: Hoagie
  • Score from bowling outing:  133
  • One word to describe first month: Welcoming.