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5 Minutes With…Lew Goldfarb, Assistant Professor of Clinical Law and Director, Entrepreneurship and Community Development Clinic

Professor Lew GoldfarbProfessor Lew Goldfarb, the new director of the Entrepreneurship and Community Development Clinic, is a former accountant and licensed CPA in the state of Ohio. After working in the accounting field for several years, he made a career transition, turning to law. He has spent most of his legal career as in-house counsel for one of the nation’s largest car companies: Honda. Specifically, he provided legal counsel for Honda of America Mfg., Inc. In addition, he owned and operated Goalsetter Inc. dba Club Z! In Home Tutoring Service, providing one-on-one in home instruction to students in central Ohio.  Now, he is a member of the law school’s faculty, charged with developing the small business clinic.

Why did you want to become a lawyer?

“Perhaps, it's genetic. My sister, Phyllis Goldfarb, is a lawyer and law school professor; my cousin, Joanne Goldfarb, is a lawyer in Cleveland; my uncle, Ernie Abram, was a lawyer in Cleveland; and my father, Charles Goldfarb, had his law school career, and his dreams of becoming a lawyer, cut short by his military service in World War II . In addition to my apparent genetic predisposition to lawyering, I always have enjoyed analysis and problem-solving and chose lawyering as a good career to go along with my prior career as a CPA.”

What was your first impression of UC Law?

“My first impression was good one. During the interview process at UC, I observed a sense of collegiality among the faculty and staff and felt support for its clinical programs from the dean and members of the faculty, all of whom seemed very down-to-earth. I value all of these traits in an employer.”

What’s the best part about the law/being a lawyer?

“The best part about being a lawyer is the diversity of the work you do (you're never bored!) and the career opportunities it presents.  By being a lawyer, I believe I possess skills that have allowed me to successfully transition from one career to another - from being in private practice, to in-house corporate counsel, to an entrepreneur owning and operating my own business, to a career in teaching.”

What’s on your nightstand?

“In my nightstand, I keep a journal in which I write passages from time to time to express my thoughts and feelings about my work and personal life. I find it to be good therapy for me.”

UC vs OSU football: Who are you routing for? 

“OSU!!! I'm a bit biased since I am a "Double Buckeye", having graduated from OSU for both undergrad and law school. Since I'm now at UC, I plan to become a fan of the Bearcats also. I'll cheer for the Bearcats as long as they're not playing my beloved Buckeyes.”