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UC Law Welcomes the Class of 2013

School has begun for the College of Law’s 144 first-year students. On August 16, 2010 the Class of 2013 started their academic careers with “Intro to Law,” the week-long orientation program designed to acclimate students to the law school environment. This year’s incoming class is an impressive, diverse group. Boasting a median LSAT score of 161, they range in age from 21 to 56. Sixty-one percent of the class is male, while 39 percent is female. This year, almost 21 percent of the class is a minority.


The students represent 74 undergraduate institutions, and include roughly 50 undergraduate majors. These include accounting, civil engineering, economics, environmental sciences, journalism, political science, psychology, religion/religious studies, and women’s studies. They also represent three countries in addition to the United States: China, Nigeria, and Germany.


Looking at where students are coming from, most in this class are from Ohio; however, the number of non-Ohio residents is close, according to John Stiles, Associate Director of Admissions. Comparing Kentucky and Indiana, eight percent are from Indiana, while four percent are from Kentucky.