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Welcome to the Class of 2012

Despite not yet formally entering the law school building, the class of 2012 is already an impressive group.  As of August 13, there were 136 students about to begin classes next week, representing 23 states and 73 different undergraduate institutions across the country.  Fifteen of those students are coming to UC from Ohio State, which is the #1 source of students in the 2012 class.  There are also a number of students coming from Florida, and there are international students from Canada and Korea.  Those numbers make this years class slightly larger than last year’s, which began with 123 students representing about 64 institutions.  Part of the reason for the larger class is that UC Law received a record number of applications this year; the College of Law received 1,322 applications, which is the highest number in a decade. 

While John Stiles, the Assistant Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, theorized that the state of the economy and job market may have played a role in this, he also stated that the Law School Admissions Council informed the school that more people took the LSAT this year than all but one other year, so it is logically that the number of applications received would be correspondingly higher.  Speaking of the LSAT, Stiles also said that, academically, this year’s class is on par with last year’s with an average LSAT score of 160 and an average undergraduate GPA of 3.60.

In addition, while last year’s population of transfer students was quite large, this year there are seven students transferring into UC to continue their law school education, most of whom are coming from schools in this general region. 

The students making up this year’s incoming class come from a wide array of background experiences.  Fifteen percent of the class, or 20 students, come from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds, including American Indian, African American, Mexican American, Hispanic, and Asian-Pacific Islanders.  The students range in age from a 36-year-old to a student who just turned 21 in July, and thirty-nine percent of the class is female.  In addition, the class appears to have an extensive background in volunteerism; there are few students without some kind of volunteering experience on their resumes, and many students volunteered in school systems.

The Class’s diversity does not consist entirely of cultural backgrounds, however.  A handful of students speak Mandarin Chinese fluently, while many others speak different languages, including Portuguese, Bengali, Biblical Hebrew, and American Sign Language.  The group is quite skilled artistically, as well, with students who excel in playing the tuba, trombone, and harp as well as an opera singer, a caricature artist, and a film maker.  The Class is complete with a Canadian hockey player who is looking forward to Cyclones games, as well as six Eagle Scouts, a professional golfer who was on the PGA tour, a Jewish student who is coming to UC from a Rabbinical Seminary, and a former city council candidate.  Students from the class have served in Iraq, the US Navy, the Canadian armed forces, the Peace Corps, and Teach for America.  From a female student interested in fashion law to a male student interesting in starting his own fashion design business and so much more, the class of 2012 has it all.