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Get Ready…Set…Go…Class of 2011!

Welcome Class of 2011

It was the most exciting time of year at UC Law; the first day… at least for the first year students (1Ls).  The corridors of the law school were once again filled with anxious students, sizing each other up and coming to terms with the weight of their Constitutional Law books, as well as their decision to enter law school. Each student wondered who would be the first to experience the ominous “Socratic Method” and whether UC would be anything like that book they read or that movie they saw. But they were pleasantly surprised to find that “Intro to Law” Week was the perfect transition into life as a law student…classes taught by dynamic professors, interest sessions covering topics from time management to where to find a free lunch, and study sessions with their sections. The new school has begun!

The Class of 2011 Comes Together

As the new school year rapidly approached, UC Law anticipated the arrival of its newest students. Over the past year, the Office of Admissions had been hard at work recruiting and welcoming students.

“The incoming class will represent a wider diversity of undergraduate institutions,” said Assistant Director of Admissions John Stiles. “We have 68 different undergraduate colleges and universities represented in the incoming class compared to 53 in last year’s class,” he continued.

In addition to welcoming students from across the nation, UC was poised to open its doors to three international students. Although the class size and individual members was tentative (the final number was determined by the end of orientation week), Stiles indicated that an ideal range for class size at UC Law is between 120 and 135. With application volume remaining steady around 1,200 this year, he anticipated the first year class falling between those numbers.

New Office Additions Make Impact

Assistant Dean of Admissions Al Watson credited the success of the office’s recruitment efforts over the past year to two new additions: John Stiles and Jessica Butler. Stiles was hired as the Assistant Director of Admissions and Jessica Butler was hired as the Admissions Officer.

“Our staff is bigger and newer than it has been in the past,” said Watson. “Having someone with John’s talents who has worked in enrollment management and financial aid and Jessica who has experience in graduate admissions has re-energized the office,” he added.

In addition to the two new staff members, the Office of Admissions benefitted from the help of a newly formed student group, Student Ambassadors. The Student Ambassadors, made up of around 50 students, serves as a liaison between the Office of Admissions and potential new students. Students work one hour a week in the office providing building tours, making phone calls to prospective students, and helping with general office tasks.

The Personal Touch Counts

Watson credited the new staff and the Student Ambassadors with the increased personal contact the office was able to maintain with the incoming class. “We’ve always tried to do a fair amount of personal contact with students and we’ve really tried to ramp that up,” he stated. “I’m sure that every admitted student has been called at least once and has received a personal letter from Dean Bilionis.”

Watson also highlighted the growing electronic trend and how UC is striving to meet the demands of an ever-increasing technological society. “In today’s electronic age, 98 percent of the students apply electronically,” he noted. As a result, UC worked with more prospective students by communicating via the internet through online chat forums and direct e-mail campaigns.

To see scenes from Orientation Week, check out the photo gallery available on the law school website September 9, 2008.