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Gregory Q. Carter, '09—Office of the Public Defender, Fredericksburg, VA

Carter, a 3L student graduating this May, served in the Office of the Public Defender in Fredericksburg, Virginia this past summer. He will work with the New Orleans Public Defender following graduation.


Why did you choose your summer internship?

“I knew that I wanted to become a public defender. The office in Fredericksburg provided me with the opportunity to work inside a PD’s office and observe the actions of a public defender on a day-to-day basis. Further, the position allowed me to demonstrate to future employers my dedication to the public defense sector and my willingness to go anywhere in the country to achieve my goals.”


Gregory Q. Carter, '09What makes UC Law’s summer fellows program so important?

“As a public defender, I served the local population first hand. Not only did represent I  indigent individuals charged with crimes, but I also worked to uphold the community’s sense of justice and fairness.”


How has your experience helped you achieve your career goals?

“It is my career choice to become a public defender. That decision was aided by my summers practicing in the criminal defense field for public interest organizations. Without the assistance of the SPIF grant, I would have never been able to afford this opportunity.”