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Updates @ UC Law - April 2010

Professor Jacob Katz Cogan Receives Prestigious Award from American Society of International Law

Jacob Katz Cogan, Associate Professor of Law at the University of Cincinnati College of Law, is a co-recipient of the American Society of International Law’s 2010 Francis Deák Prize for meritorious scholarship. (Read more)


UC Law Students Celebrate Signing of Landmark Ohio Law They Helped Create

Of all of the list of significant accomplishments the Ohio Innocence Project (OIP) can claim in its seven years of existence—which includes helping to secure the freedom of nine innocent men and women who were wrongfully convicted—none can top what took place Monday in terms of overall impact. (Read more)


Jim Sproat '11 Wants to Affect Change—One Bill At A Time

Why does Jim Sproat want to become a lawyer? It isn’t to become a career attorney, although he plans to work as a lawyer for a few years. His ultimate goal, he said, is to affect change—from the inside out. "I want to develop a better understanding of law in relation to politics," said Sproat '11. "You can really change things by working within the political system." (Read more)


Professor Marianna Bettman '77 Connects Legal Community to Students' Experiences

Professor Marianna Bettman is one of the University of Cincinnati’s own.  With both a bachelor’s degree and juris doctor from the university, she carries strong ties to the university. (Read more)


Meet Pro Baseball Player, UC Law Alumni, and Judicial Clerk Matt Singer '08

Professional baseball player and class of 2008 graduate Matt Singer has a strong connection to Cincinnati. Born and reared here, he graduated from college prep school Purcell Marion High School, before becoming a UC student and baseball standout. (Read more)


Faculty/Student Basketball Throwdown!!

As a general rule, law students rarely get the chance to interact with their professors outside of high-pressure in-class situations in which the professor usually expects the student to provide an intelligible answer in front of a classroom of peers. To rectify this, the Student Bar Association, along with several professors, planned a night full of entertainment and good-natured competition for both the student body and the faculty: a students-versus-professors basketball game, followed by a trivia contest at Woody’s. (Read more)


Community Organizing Shapes Dreams of Joshua Ward '10

Current third year law student and future seminarian Joshua Ward ’10 has a big goal. Utilizing the knowledge, experience, and skills he has honed thus far, Ward wants to reach out to people in need or in a crisis before tragedies—such as prison—become a reality. How that will shape up ultimately he doesn’t know. But he has it as his goal, which he is sure to reach. (Read more)


UC Law Librarians' Cake Named "Most Deadly" in Edible Books Festival

UC Libraries hosted its ninth-annual International Edible Books Festival on April 1, with edible creations ranging from children’s books to literary classics and works of art. The UC Law Librarians won the prize for "Most Deadly" with their "Toxic Torts in a Nutshell" cake. (Read more)


Beth Mandel '05 Explores New Areas of Law as Law Clerk

Until she moved to Cincinnati to attend law school, Beth Mandel ‘05 lived within an hour of Detroit her entire life.  She attended the University of Michigan as an undergraduate student and earned a bachelor’s degree in English and psychology.  (Read more)


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