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Scheduled Maintenance August 1st, 2015

The College of Law website and other computing resources will be temporarily inaccessible August 1st, 2015 due to an electrical outage. We apologize for the inconvenience. Learn More.

Cornerstones Campaign

Building the future of the University of Cincinnati College of Law...The Cornerstones Campaign.

The College of Law at the University of Cincinnati stands at an historic juncture: between a proud past and a future of unlimited potential.

The College must secure the cornerstones of its success:

  • A new building for the College of Law
  • Increased scholarship aid for our students
  • New resources for our faculty
  • Bolstered support for the centers, clinics, programs, and library that drive a thriving academic mission

We state with confidence that we are already the best in our distinguished class, but we want to build on our foundation and capture once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for a vital institution and important civic asset. We are asking our alumni, our stakeholders in Cincinnati, and our other friends to help us find success on all fronts and to reach our goal of raising $50 million. Join us in becoming Proudly Cincinnati Law.